Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Rainbow Meringues

Hi guys!!

Today’s recipe is a very simple, colourful and tasty recipe that you and all of your family and friends will surely enjoy! These are one of the original recipes for meringues with a twist of colour, which is really very easy to make.

Rainbow Meringues
Egg whites
Paste food colouring
A very long brush

Really with this recipe you can make as many or as little meringues as you can decide the amount of egg whites and sugar, which goes into the recipe. I used 2 egg whites (in my case 76g) and 152g of sugar (double the amount of egg whites).
First start by weighing the egg whites and the sugar; remember that if any egg yolk gets into the egg white you wont be able to use them to make meringues so just start weighing again and you can later make an omelette with the unusable egg whites. Now get a piece of cloth or a tissue paper/napkin and put some white vinegar over it, clean the entire bowl and the whisk attachment of your electric mixer.

 Whisk the egg whites on a low speed for about 3 minutes or until small bubbles have formed and the egg whites start to look whiter. Now beat the egg whites on a medium to high speed until when you place the bowl over your head the egg whites will stay on the bowl and not fall on your head ;D. Now again on a medium to high speed gradually add the sugar to the egg whites a spoonful at a time and beat the mixture until when you put it on your finger and rub it you don’t feel any grains of sugar in between your fingers. When the meringue is ready reserve it and now grab a large piping bag, a long brush and your desired food colourings (I used yellow, red, green, blue and pink).

Place your brush into the paste food colouring and dip it gently so that a bit of colour is attached to the brush. Now fold the top part of the piping bag outwards so you can easily reach the place where the nozzle will be. Now place a small, round nozzle in your piping bag and cut the tip off. Draw a line (as straight as you can) from the part where the nozzle is to the edge of the piping bag; then continue to do the same thing with the rest of your colours. Afterwards gently spoon your meringue into the bag and give it a few good shakes so that all of the mixture gets to the bottom of the bag. Now start to pipe small circles onto your oven sheet (the first circles won’t have much colour in them so just pipe the blank meringue in a bowl and then when you see the colour coming out begin to pipe them onto the paper). The colour will start really bright and then go a bit pastel in the end.

Now place into a preheated oven at 100ºC until you can easily separate them from the paper and you can feel that the shell is hard.

This is how the paper looks like after you bake the meringues!

I hope you liked this recipe and that you’ll share it with all of your friends!
Oh, and by the way on nest week's post these Rainbow Meringues will be a decoration on a very special cake... Here's a preview :D


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