Thursday, 11 August 2016

📍 Salzburg, Austria

Very recently I went on a summer trip to Villach, a city in Austria. This travelling experience was amazing and the weather was great too! I really enjoyed all the experiences and the places we went to visit there and so I wanted to share all the pictures I took there with you.

All of the pictures here were taken with my phone, so the quality isn’t great but at least you’ll get to see all of the beautiful landscapes including the enormous lakes and the Austrian part of the Alps!

These fist pictures are from a trip we went to with a boat on a lake. We went to the next city (can’t remember the name) and we just relaxed on the deck watching all of the birds fly to the top of the boat.

The sky was beginning to clear up at this point and so I decided to take a picture before the cloud all disappeared!

These following ones were taken from a small mountain belonging to the Alps. It obviously was quite cold although there was no snow, but the landscape was still amazing!

We also got to hike for about an hour to go to a very small restaurant at about half way up to the top; there we stopped to eat some typical meat dishes and for dessert we had a wonderful  Austrian “pancake” accompanied with apple sauce.

Another day we went to a nearby village and stayed there to go to a Goya exposition in a very petite tower that stood right in the middle of the town. On that same day we went to Klagenfurt to visit a very tall tower from which you could basically see the whole countryside that lay ahead.

The sights from this place were just amazing although sadly we didn’t get to zipline from the top of the building to the bottom, as we had no time to spare!

On another occasion we got to meet a family, which had come from Irak as refugees. They were all very kind and we gladly accepted to a dinner they invited us to. The food was amazing as it was a mix of Sirian and Irak food.

The mother of the family was a great baker and she made us some typical cookies, filled with date and almond paste!

The food was a meat dish accompanied with baked aubergine hummus and  a fresh cilantro and cous-cous salad.

Finally, on the last two days we visited Salzburg. This city was simply amazing. We visited a Nature/Science museum although sadly we could see all of it as it consisted of 6 levels of pure fun.

We also visited the many famous statues and bridges that are tourist attractions there, in spite that it was heavily raining and we hadn’t really packed a proper raincoat!

There was even a very antique thermometer and weather measurer, which apparently had been there for over 100 years!

This river was right in front of our hotel and the views were incredible, although hardly visible at night.

Also, on the last day we went to a rock beach there, which to my surprise wasn’t a public beach. I was surprised by this because about 90% of the beaches from where I live are public; meanwhile in Austria they are all private, so you have to pay a small entrance to visit the beach.

There, we had this marvellous strawberry and sponge cake, which is one of my favourites.

Overall I found this journey very new and exciting; I especially liked the weather, as it was never as warm as it is where I come from.

I hope you liked this small recap on my visit to Austria and the pictures I took!


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