Wednesday, 2 November 2016

📍 Edinburgh, Scotland

Hey! It’s been quite a long time since I last blogged… The truth is that I just didn’t know what to post, but today I finally decided what to post! I’m going to show you a few (many haha) photos from when I went to Edinburgh before school started again.

We stayed in Leith, which is quite close to the New Town:

We had a fish and chips picnic in Princes Gardens. The view was stunning; we were surrounded by beautiful green grass and right in front was the Edinburgh Castle, which we later went to visit inside.

Also, while walking through the town I noticed this building. It is referenced in a series of books that I’m currently reading called The 44 Scotland Street series by Alexander McCall Smith.

This is the great overview of the Old Town that we saw from inside the actual castle.

We also took the great opportunity to visit the British Queen’s Royal boat. The boat was decorated quite simply but nevertheless it was stunning. I forgot to take my phone with me when we went to the tour, so I wasn’t able to take any pictures of inside the boat.

Whilst on the boat you cold tour the majority of the rooms, including the kitchen. There they were selling chocolate fudge made by the cooking crew of the boat. I bought  a Millionaire’s fudge for my friend : it consisted of three layers of vanilla, chocolate and brown caramel.

We visited the University of Edinburgh, although a part of it was under construction.

And now for the actual baking/food tourism. I must tell you that we were SO lucky to have found this place. On the first day in Leith we were looking for a place to have breakfast and we wandered around for 5 minutes until we found this place:

Mimi’s Bakery is an award winning Scottish bakery. They sell the best scones that I’d ever tasted. We ended up going there twice in the whole time we spent there because of how delicious the food they served there was.

Now I’ll show you some of the things we ate, including scones and avocado toast. On another occasion I also had French toast (it was ginormous and soo delicious) although, as usual, I forgot my phone at the house😂😅.

Then, a few days later as we were walking to go to a comic Korean act, we found a Mimi’s stall!!! How incredible! As you can imagine I bought something from the stall; it was a Biscoff slice and as usual for Mimi’s it was delicious.

This is going to sound like a joke, but the next day when we were shopping I found a macaron shop; it was called Bibi’s! Mimi’s and Bibi’s. Both delicious bakeries in Edinburgh. At Bibi’s I bought a lemon macaron.

Just to put it in here, I bought a bubble bar in a nearby Lush.

To end the whole experience, on the last day we went to the Edinburgh Festival’s closing ceremony. It consisted of the Edinburgh orchestra playing alongside fireworks being put on at the castle. The view was amazing. We couldn’t have ended our visit to Scotland better🎊. 

Lucia x

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