Saturday, 25 February 2017

📍 Berlin, Germany

Dear Berlin, I really liked you! You were extremely cold but really fun.

We went to Berlin during the Holiday/New Year period and stayed there until the 3rd. I found the city amazing and we walked all over the city and learned about its history and about the Nazis and how the Brandenburg Gate had been taken away and then brought back.

Sadly though, I couldn’t take a great picture of all the great monuments because the surroundings of them were plagued with huge concrete blocks and security cars.

Some bigger buildings weren’t surrounded by security because they weren’t filled with important people or buildings of government importance haha. This memorial here (down) is actually made from concrete blocks but it has been there for many more years. It consisted of hundreds of blocks all of different heights, to symbolize all of the Jewish people who had been killed all over Europe by the Nazi party.

Berlin is definitely a very artistic city. If you go there, pretty much anywhere you go there are curious buildings or sculptures that may be simple but add a very artistic touch in between nature such as trees.

Oh, and of course we saw the Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall) from different parts of berlin. We went on a guided tour of the city and the lovely tour guide explained why the wall had been built and how it was so difficult to go to the other side.

On the 31st we went to a really lovely Christmas market after our tour and there we had sausages with roasted potatoes. There were many food stalls and what impressed me the most were the stalls that sold handmade makeup brushes or hair brushes because you could see how the woman was making them and adding the hairs one by one.  

We also saw the East Side Gallery all along the centre of Berlin. It went up to our hotel and then continued on the other side. I couldn’t take many good pictures of this because it was mostly covered up with protections against the fireworks, but if you search it onto Google you can see the amazing artwork that has been painted on there. 

And now finally, onto the food:
We had many good foods in Berlin, especially at our breakfast buffet in the hotel… it was amazing! And on New Year’s Day they had trays of Berliner Pfannkuchen which were basically jam filled donuts without a hole. They were everywhere in the hotel and I really liked them.

Then, on New Year’s Eve we found this amazing Korean restaurant and we had this enormous platter of sushi, followed by some rice paste ginger balls, which were also amazing. We couldn’t possibly finish the sushi so we took some to the hotel with us, which we ended up eating on the following night.

This is what some features of the hotel dining area and some French toast I ordered for breakfast one morning:

Then, believe it or not, we went back to the Korean restaurant a few days later because we found it so amazing and all the staff was lovely. One of the girls had recently been in Valencia, Spain and she told us that she had loved it there and that she thought Spain needed more Korean restaurants.

There we had some rice bowls (bi bim bap) and also a noodle soup. They were all very flavourful and fresh and we had some mango smoothies to go with our lunches.

The following pictures are of the museums and historical sites we visited to end this blog post:


Lucia x

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