Wednesday, 2 August 2017

📍 Nürnberg, Germany

4 months. 4. That’s a very long time of me procrastinating from doing anything to this blog. I have an excuse for June, I was studying and working hard for my final exams… then July came along and I went to Germany for two weeks…. Then I went to a sailing camp for two weeks and now I have my first free week since June.

Well after all this time I’m writing up about this lovely city I went to in Germany and in about two or three weeks there will be another post up about a little travel to see my family.

I think I have a theme now for travel posts; I seem to have started all of them with a picture of a window showing the view from the airplane. I think ill just do it for every travel post to make a theme haha.  

WARNING: I think i went a bit overboard with the amount of pictures included here 😙

Well this is Nürnberg. And this post is a summary of what I did there and what I saw.   

I visited basically all of the cultural and popular places in the Altstadt and we went to many cool museums like the Neues Museum.   

Nürnberg was beautiful and the weather whilst I was there was mostly cold but enjoyable. It was a relief being able to wear a hoddie in the mornings and long jeans as in my hometown that is quite impossible during the summer.    

Also, exciting news for me is that I got a new phone just the day before leaving for Germany. I took all the pictures for this post with it and they turned out pretty good!
If you’re wondering what I was doing for two weeks in Germany… I was in a German course at a business school trying to improve my German. It was great fun and I made great friends there, including a big group of Brazilians, which I may go, and visit next year to Brazil!    

I had a LOT of fun there and definitely learned lots in the course. I ended up with an A2 German diploma, which isn’t too bad. Since I came back I have been having way too much Boba bubble tea and ice creams which I was going to show you here but I’m having some difficulties passing the pictures from my phone to the computer so I’ll probably show the pictures in the next post.  

Lucia x

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